Arnito Städ offers sample cleaning for only SEK 150 per hour (Including VAT and after the RUT deduction). This rate applies for one cleaning session and when ordering at least 4 hours of sample cleaning. If you wish to hire us on a regular basis after the sample cleaning, we charge SEK 160/hour (Incl. VAT and after the RUT deduction.)
..You come home after a long day at work. When you open the door you smell the gentle, soothing scent of a clean home. All the things scattered around have been picked up, the breakfast dishes are washed, kitchen surfaces and stove are spotlessly clean and everything is dusted and scrubbed clean. When we at Arnito do the job, you can sit quietly out on the porch and relax, or why not take a leisurely walk. When we clean your home, you can count on us. We make your life easier which will make you happier. Enjoy life and let us do the work...

Arnito Städ offers cleaning services for companies and private customers in Södermanland, Östergötland and Stockholm.

We perform: ­

- House/home cleaning ­
- move-out cleaning ­
- window cleaning ­
- office cleaning ­
- commercial cleaning ­
- car cleaning/detailing ­
- bus cleaning

Arnito is made up of a team of experienced and skilled employees. We always try to satisfy the customer's specific needs, and live by the philosophy that nothing is impossible. We listen to the customer, follow through on what we promise and always enjoy that special feeling when the customer is satisfied and happy. Our mission is to deliver high-quality cleaning services. We listen to you as our customer, do what we promise, and do it all at very attractive prices.

Over the past three years, we have experienced amazing growth and established excellent references: For example, we have worked with Streaming Bus AB in Stockholm since 2011, where our staff performs cleaning of production facilities and buses.

What sets us apart from other suppliers is that we do not normally require a fixed-term contract. We believe that if a customer is satisfied, they will want to continue working with us and also that the customer should have complete flexibility. We will sign the necessary agreements in order to ensure the quality and delivery that the customer desires.